What Can Partial Hospitalization Do For Me?

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Mental and behavioral health issues can come in all shapes and sizes, from very minor but noticeable fluctuations, to problems that can completely derail one’s personal life.  Modern medicine and scientific discoveries has fortunately greatly improved our methods to combat everything ranging from depression to acute psychiatric issues to physical addictions. Much has also been done in terms of battling the stigmas that have been associated with mental illnesses for decades and even hundreds of years. For any adult suffering from a mental health problem, the great news is that there are many, many options to chose from that can fit your particular needs.

When we start talking about getting the proper healthcare necessary for a behavioral or mental health issue, we need to highlight the importance of receiving both inpatient and outpatient care.  Each of these programs are able to offer a benefit depending on one’s particular situation, but it is important to note that there may be different levels of care required.  Think about how we have different levels of physical care available to us: we have emergency rooms, primary care physicians, specialists and urgent care. Each of these serves a different purpose, and the same should be thought of for certain mental health options: not every situation will require complete inpatient care and complete hospitalization, and outpatient care may be too light for certain conditions.  This is where partial hospitalization can become a very useful tool in the arsenal of mental health experts.

Partial hospitalization generally follows a schedule that keeps the patient in house each day during the week, but they are allowed to go home after the completion of each day’s treatment.  While the support they require is intensive, and generally allows for 6-8 hours of treatment per day, it does take into account one’s need to live their life. It is very similar structured care that they would be receiving if they were fully hospitalized at a mental health hospital for inpatient care, so the benefit is there.  If you do not require 24-hour care, this would generally be an option recommended by a mental health facility. 

The Partial Hospitalization Program helps address a variety of issues for adults, including general challenges such as anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, co-occurring disorders and behavioral problems such as addictions to drugs or alcohol.  It is a great day program for adults who could use assistance in developing more adaptive coping skills.

Some of the services that may be provided in any particular partial hospitalization program could be:

  • Individual, as well as group and family therapy.
  • Personal evaluations
  • Management of one’s medication
  • A provided lunch
  • Programs geared towards a specific mental or behavioral problem
  • Mental health experts in a variety of fields and positions

The ultimate goal is to be able to provide yourself with the healing, emotional management, coping skills, and broad support through the use of community relationships personal support systems and relapse prevention. 

ClearView Behavioral Health located in Johnstown, CO is able to provide our patients with a quality assessment, diagnosis and rapid stabilization of a variety of psychiatric issues. Partial hospitalization can be a very useful part of one’s particular recovery and treatment plan; contact us today at 970-461-5061 for a free and completely confidential assessment today!