Break Mental Health Stigmas.


Do you happen to know someone personally who has been experiencing or has experienced a mental health issue? If so, don’t be surprised, as 1 in every 5 adults within the country has experienced some sort for mental health issue within the past year.  That number stands at around 44 million adults who have dealt with such an issue; while the amount may seem surprising, what may be even more surprising is that we are in the year 2017 and we are still experiencing stigmas associated with mental health in this country.

While there has been tremendous growth in terms of knowledge and targeted methods that have been proven to work for a host of mental health symptoms, we still can’t seem to shake some of these stigmas that persist throughout our society. What is the cause behind this perpetual insistence that it is wrong to suffer from a mental health problem, or that it is “just in your head”? It seems to be a combination of ignorance, justification and severe lack of knowledge that fuels these instances. While you can experience the stigmatization of mental health problems just about anywhere, you will often find them in modern workplaces, in addition to the various branches of the military. In fact, with military suicide rates rising exponentially over the past decade, you can arguably say that there is not enough being done to combat these problems.

So what can you yourself personally do to help combat these issues that still plague our society? Breaking stigmas may not be easy, and it may require a period of time for individuals to personally become aware of how these problems persist. But let’s take a look:

Know Yourself

To understand how others may be feeling and what they are experiencing, it is important to maintain awareness of what you are going through. Knowing yourself and being honest with yourself can allow you to make strides in your healing when it comes to mental or behavioral health issues. This is the first step!

Help Spread Awareness

While it can sometimes be annoying when someone in person or on social media has a point they consistently try to get across, especially if it is something that matters very much to them, the reality is that there are still many Americans who are unaware of the state of mental health issues in the country. Consider posting proven statistics highlighting what problems we are experiencing as a nation, and post encouragements, medically approved articles and other news that discusses and touches on these very important topics. You may not always experience the depth of conversation you’re looking for, but perhaps someone you know may read your post, or become encouraged by a conversation they end up having with you!

Be There for Others

For those that suffer from mental or behavioral health issues, nothing is more important than having the care, love and support of their friends, family and others who are experiencing the same things.  Make sure to take the time and be there for others, since you can be a tremendous source of encouragement for them; the same can work for yourself as well. By encouraging support groups and engaging with fellow sufferers, you may find encouragement that you didn’t realize was possible, and it may end up making all the difference in the world.


So now’s the time to step up and help encourage, support and teach others about the very real issues that we are facing in regards to mental health in America.