Employee Survey

New South Research designed and supplied a survey with input from current Clear View Behavioral Health (CVBH) employees in July 2019, which was distributed to all 128 employees, with a 41.4% response rate from employees provided feedback through the survey. The survey focused on the new leadership at Clear View Behavioral Health, as well as the perception of the staff regarding the overall direction of the hospital. Over 90% of the surveyed staff believe CVBH is headed in a much better direction since the arrival of the new leadership team with 89% of staff noting that the new leadership team is impacting patient care in a positive way through better patient experiences.

100% of staff surveyed reported that the current staff at CVBH are committed to the improvement of the quality of care provided, with 26% of staff noting that improvement of communication as a suggestion for improvement of patient care. 81% of staff completing the survey provided comments related to the direction of CVBH, with 97% of comments noting the positive direction and only one negative comment noting the current direction to be negative. One staff member noted, “Everything about the hospital has headed in a positive direction. I’m so grateful that they are here at CVBH. Hopefully, we will be a 5 STAR HOSPITAL soon!”.

75% of staff completing the survey provided various suggestions related to patient care, processes, and communication. 95% of the suggestions provided were positive in nature, with only 2 comments being focused on negative interaction with leadership at CVBH. Staff commented, “I am excited to be part of this team” and “I enjoy my job here and am looking forward continuing to work with the new leadership.” Of those completing the survey, 35% of staff provided additional comments with 89% positive and only 2 comments that provided negative feedback related to leadership and implemented change. Overall, the outcomes of the survey demonstrate the commitment of every staff member at CVBH to providing the best patient care, every patient, every time and an overwhelming demonstration of the agreement that the new leadership at CVBH taking through implementation of best practices across the service line. Staff comments, “I feel that we’re finally making the right moves for what this community needs & deserves in a behavioral health hospital. I know with time & the right team we can do the right thing” and “I feel the future of Clear View is bright.”